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About Tungsten & Ceramic

Tungsten Carbide Fact
"Tungsten" (from the Swedish and Danish tung sten, means "hard-" or, more accurately, "heavy-stone") is used in English, French, Italian as the name of the element, although in many other languages (e.g. in German and Spanish) it is known as "wolfram", and this is also the origin of its chemical symbol, W and the atomic number is 74. Tungsten carbide, WC, or tungsten semicarbide, W2C, is a chemical compound containing tungsten and carbon. Colloquially, tungsten carbide is often simply called carbide. Our Tungsten Carbide Rings are composed of 85-88% of Tungsten Carbide, with a minority composition of materials including Tantalum, Titanium, Niobium and Chromium.

In its raw form, tungsten is a steel-gray metal that is often hard to work. Of all metals in pure form, tungsten has the highest melting point (3,422’C, 6,192 ’F), lowest vapor pressure and (at temperatures above 1,650’C) the highest tensile strength. Tungsten has the lowest coefficient of thermal expansion of any pure metal. It is remarkable for its robust physical properties, especially the fact that it has the highest melting point of all the non-alloyed metals and the second highest of all the elements after carbon.

Tungsten Carbide is the only metal that can be permanently polished and scratch-free. The polish and finish will virtually last forever and will never deform. It is 10 times harder than 18k gold, 5 times than steel and 4 times than titanium. Many people also enjoy the heavy weight of a tungsten carbide ring. The enduring polish of a tungsten ring together with the solid weight, speak of commitment, security and an everlasting bond.

High-tech Ceramic Fact
High-tech ceramic is commonly used in producing watch cases. The material is valued by watchmakers for its light weight, scratch-resistance, durability and smooth touch. IWC is one of the brands that initiated the use of ceramic in watch-making.

High-tech ceramic rings are the latest contemporary fashion trends. The term covers inorganic non-metallic materials which are formed by the action of heat. Basically, when heat is applied to ceramic, it forms an oxidized coating. This coating creates enables the ring to be 100% scratch resistant. The coating has the same strength of sapphire and will prevent much of the wear and tear. High-tech ceramic material is heavier than titanium, but lighter than tungsten carbide. It shares hypoallergenic qualities like black zirconium rings and titanium rings but offers a stylish look. Just like Tungsten Carbide, High-tech ceramic rings are permanently polished, scratch-free with everlasting durability.

Engraving and Customizations are Possible
Although both Tungsten Carbide and High-ceramic Rings are strong and hard to work with, we can still provide engraving service onto the rings and customizations on width and thickness are possible too.

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01.COI Tungsten Carbide Beveled Edges Ring - TG1357
02.COI Gold Tone Tungsten Carbide Pipe Cut Flat Ring-TG288AA
03.COI Black Tungsten Carbide Beveled Edges Ring-TG1645
04.COI Black Tungsten Carbide HeartBeat Beveled Edges Ring-1412
05.COI Black Tungsten Carbide Ring With Black Carbon Fiber-TG2289
06.COI Black Tungsten Carbide Pipe Cut Flat Ring - TG124
07.COI Black Tungsten Carbide Damascus Ring With Camo - TG4565
08.COI Tungsten Carbide Ring With Black Carbon Fiber-TG628
09.COI Tungsten Carbide Beveled Edges Ring - TG613
10.COI Tungsten Carbide Center Line Beveled Edges Ring-TG1662
COI Rose Tungsten Carbide Offset Groove Ring-TG5210
COI Rose Tungsten Carbide Offset Groove Ring-TG5210
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Our Price: US$109.99

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